Erectile dysfunction or, more commonly, ED, is defined as the inability to achieve and / or maintain an adequate erection to complete sexual intercourse. The American data collected by the Male Aging Massacre shows that 20-30 million Americans over the age of 50 suffer from impotence. Some previous definitions, included the concept of erectile dysfunction in a broader classification of impotence, which was classified into:

Erectile dysfunction consists in the impossibility or difficulty, on the part of man, of having an erection of the penis that allows penetration and a satisfactory relationship for himself and / or partner.

The causes of impotence can be summarized in three broad categories:

  1. linked to an altered physiology of the erection: due to conditions such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, obesity, etc;
  2. deriving from an erroneous conduct of life: smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol or drugs;
  3. answers to a profound psychological malaise: anxiety, stress, worries.

The consequence of erectile dysfunction is the establishment of a profound sense of inadequacy and the deprivation of the satisfaction of one of the primary needs of the human being, the sexual one. An inadequacy that also prove men who do not have any real pathology that leads to erectile dysfunction, but because of a media bombardment, which focuses solely on sexual performance in itself from an aesthetic-sporting point of view and ignoring well-known aspects. more important as the empathy and emotional exchange between two people that sex brings with them, they try the so-called – and castrating – performance anxiety.

Being an intimate problem, which affects not only the sexual sphere but also the very nature of being a man, so as to make embarrassing a confrontation with the family doctor or with a specialist urologist or andrologist, often this problem is initially underestimated, for then be tackled, badly, through a do-it-yourself diagnosis and the purchase of online drugs of dubious origin.

Impotentia generandi (male sterility)

Sexual impotence when a patient not able to generate children, caused by azoospermia or by an anomaly of the spermatozoa, incapable of fertilizing and giving life to an embryo.

Impotentia coeundi (inability to maintain erection)

Sexual impotence linked to the ejaculatory act, but with normal erective capacity.

In practice, those affected are not physically able to ejaculate or because their organism is unable to produce sperm (aspermia) or due to an interruption of the vas deferens, which prevent the seminal fluid from escaping.

However, it can also be linked to the neurological or psychological sphere (for example lack of sexual stimulation or dissatisfaction) or derive from nicotine abuse.

Impotentia erigendi (inability to achieve erection)

Sexual impotence linked to the physical impossibility of the patient to perform an erection and therefore the sexual act. In younger patients, it is associated with a psychological block due to performance anxiety; however other pathological factors can aggravate erectile deficiency, such as diabetes or the use of antihypertensive drugs.

As already mentioned, the causes that concern the sphere of male sexual impotence can have various kinds: psychological, such as anxiety, depression, stress, environmental conditions. Performance anxiety is increasingly taking on a greater role, especially among younger people, due to an inhibitory restraint on the partner or the first sexual experiences involving the young patient, or a low intimate and emotional bond with the partner.

Organic causes can trigger the onset of ED, and in this case impotence is predominantly determined by endocrine problems (such as hypogonadism, hyperprolactinemia, somatotropin deficiency, Cushing’s syndrome).

Vascular causes, both venous and arterial, follow: neurological diseases, caused by spinal traumas, peripheral neuropathies, neurodegenerative diseases. Diabetes, renal and hepatic impairment, use of drugs, such as anti-hypertensive, cortisone, psychotropic drugs, antidepressants; medical treatments that involved the prostate (radical prostatectomy, cystectomy, radiotherapy for prostate cancer).

As often as not, ED is linked to an unhealthy lifestyle: alcohol abuse, abuse of drugs and substances, lack of exercise, obesity, hypercholesterolemia.

The best male enhancement strategies

Our study aims to present some substances of proven effectiveness in treating the symptoms of mild / mild-mild erectile dysfunction; but before proceeding, we want to give some very important tips:

  • If you think that your erectile dysfunction may have originated from an organic problem, talk to a doctor right away. Always, however, without embarrassment and apprehension. We remind you that at Rockwoodclinic we run a service of connecting patients to doctors remotely for a free online consultation; it is useful to ‘break the ice’ and overcome the embarrassment that you understandably try, but keep in mind that the video-consultation does not replace a medical examination and this will most probably be necessary, if the specialist deems it advisable to advise it.
  • If your dysfunction has a psychological origin you can talk about it with a urologist or andrologist, or consult a psychotherapist. Also in this case, you can request an initial interview through our service. Remember that using a drug, such as Viagra or Cialis, can autonomously and without medical supervision, can favor the single sexual relationship (and maybe allow you a small, temporary improvement of self-esteem), but does not solve any problem or psychological block. It is also strongly discouraged for your health. These drugs can only be used upon prescription and specialist supervision and only in case of real need.
  • Create the conditions to improve the health of your genital system. Smoking, alcohol, drugs, junk food (fast food and poor quality food), excess of animal fats, few hours of sleep: all these factors affect heavily, much more than you think, on your sexual performance. Any supplement you can take – even drugs like Viagra – are useless if you do not ‘clean up’ your life course first.

With these due premises, here is an analysis of the existing scenario. The benefits that can be gained from choosing natural supplements to combat impotence can be many and should be evaluated as appropriate. Let’s find out some.

Although the data in Viagra (‘blue pill’), Cialis or Levitra leaflet indicate that the drugs are used for short-term relief, the possible side effects of these drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction are only one of the problems that their indiscriminate use and absence of medical supervision they bring with them.

The dangerous psychological impact they can have on humans is also very important: in the case of indiscriminate use and without medical supervision, the possibility of developing, in the medium term, a psychological dependence is very high, such that at a certain point it becomes almost impossible to have sex without first taking a pill. Moreover, the phenomenon for which in time even sex becomes less pleasant is no less relevant.

This is because the focus is almost completely shifted to the strictly ‘physical’ aspect of the relationship at the expense of that wide spectrum of sensations, emotions and empathy that spring from sexual intercourse. In other words, the real benefits of satisfying sexual activity are almost completely lost. It is not uncommon among consumers of drugs for erectile dysfunction who do not actually need them and who are absent from medical supervision, phenomena of almost total loss of libido.

The main drugs for erectile dysfunction have been around for many years now, and side effects are known, but let’s not forget that they are drugs whose prolonged intake is not recommended except in case of real need and under strict medical supervision. It is important that the choice to resort to this type of treatment is made only in case of real necessity and at the right time, not before and not if it is possible to choose alternative routes. If in everyday life, for example for a headache or a slight influence, we tend, rightly, not to immediately resort to painkillers or antibiotics, this should also be the attitude with which we look at drugs that promote erection. In most cases, as we have seen, improving lifestyle and / or psychological support can completely solve the problem.

The best products and pills for male enhancement

Take regularly supplements that, as we will see, have a positive effect not only on the sexual sphere itself but on health in general, is very different from the pills for erection whose ingestions you have to synchronize to the tenth of a second to ingest at the right time. Having a can of Citrullina in the house, even in plain sight, in the kitchen, with nonchalance, is very different than having a box of Viagra kept locked up in the bathroom.

If you tell a woman that you use arginine, she will immediately think that you are into tossing iron at the gym, not that you have problems on an intimate level. Purchasing the supplements that we will list in this report is safe. Beware of the miraculous effects promised by a certain type of deceptive communication. Deceptive advertising promises, even too often, beneficial and extraordinary effects with the simple intake of natural substances. But what’s true and what is not? Let’s find out in this paragraph.

Men in search of perfect sexual performance, together with those who due to stress and more or less relevant diseases actually suffer from erectile dysfunction, are likely to be easily attracted to deceptive advertising. In the past years, and even today, many products have promised better erections, increase in penile size, and performances as a porn actor.

Attention then to welcome with great criticism and deepen the properties of herbs and principles of various nature that are proposed, because in most cases these are substances for which there is no scientific evidence of real effectiveness on the erection, as the Tribulus Terrestris. In other cases, pills containing cocktails of active ingredients – vitamins and minerals with low titration – with extracts of exotic shrubs and other ‘of the moment’ ingredients are proposed. It is therefore good to clarify that, based on current scientific research, at present there is no supplement on the market able to solve, with a direct and proven cause-effect relationship, erectile dysfunction, in particular the medium / severe dysfunction. Nor are supplements able to affect the size of the penis. The following types of supplements, therefore, have no proven efficacy for the erection of erectile dysfunction.

After this long introduction, the time has come to present supplements that, alone or in synergy with each other, can effectively help men to promote erection and keep it sufficient to face and fully enjoy sexual intercourse.

Supplements to increase testosterone: Black Maca

Testosterone is, as the name implies, a hormone produced by the testicles (it is produced, to a lesser extent, also by women) and that comes into play in the development of sexual organs and typically male characteristics such as voice and hair. With hormones, therefore, no joke, and fortunately the supplements freely sold in Canada have almost zero effectiveness in the production of testosterone. It would be dangerous and useless to try to get hormonal imbalance to improve one’s erection; moreover, the role of testosterone is not essential in erection and can do nothing towards psychological or physiological blocks.

What would be the benefits of Maca observed in the treatment of sexual disorders? Several clinical trials have shown the real utility of Maca in the management of erectile dysfunction and sexual disorders.

More precisely, independently of the control of hormonal homeostasis, the daily intake of Black Maca, even for a few weeks, would be effective to:

  • Improve the quality of the semen, understood as concentration, motility and reduction of spermatic abnormalities, in subjects affected by oligoazospermia;
  • Improve sexual performance in patients with middle-degree erectile dysfunction;
  • Improve erection characteristics measured through appropriate scales, in patients with moderate-to-moderate erectile dysfunction;
  • Increase sexual desire, after only a few days of treatment, even in athletes undergoing particularly intense training sessions.

To learn about how these effects are achieved, please read about the basic ingredient of Black Maca male enhancement pills.

Maca root

Maca, despite being a good tonic and energetic remedy devoid of exciting effects as well as a notable factor of fertility, is a good adjuvant, in phytotherapeutic practice, in the treatment of impotence and erectile dysfunction. According to some researches, Peruvian Maca Andina, has the ability to intervene positively in some forms of “erectile deficit”, increasing the capacity of erection. The recent discoveries of science and medicine have allowed a considerable lengthening of life, at the same time increasing the need to maintain a pleasant appearance and a good physical shape for a long time.

Although the molecular mechanisms through which Maca would lead to an improvement in male sexual functions are not yet fully characterized, there are early evidences that would allow us to hypothesize some possible ways of action. More precisely, arginine contained in Maca could promote the production of nitric oxide by endothelial cells. The same nitric oxide would act on smooth perivascular muscle cells, inducing first a release, and consequently vasodilatation with increased vascular flow. All this would be realized in the increase of the intracavernous blood flow and in the improvement of the erection.

At the same time, the numerous antioxidants contained in Maca could counteract the damaging effect of the reactive oxygen species on the penile neuro-vascular function, preventing its histological and functional degeneration. To be clarified, however, would still be the biological potential of some active ingredients such as macramids, contained in this plant.

Today it is possible to find many Maca supplements on the market, in various formulations. In order to optimize the dosage, however, it would be advisable to evaluate the titration of the active ingredients present. However, by virtue of the various published clinical trials, the use of 1.5 – 3 g daily dry Maca extract should be effective in ensuring early improvements in sexual function. In order to reduce the already rare occurrence of side effects, the whole dose should be divided into at least 3 daily doses.

Maca has always been a safe and very well tolerated plant. In fact, the side effects observed following its administration were very rare. Among these the most frequent would be those affecting the gastro-enteric apparatus, and in particular nausea, diarrhea and cramp-like abdominal pains.

Supplements to increase libido: Viril-X and Vimax

A satisfactory erection does not necessarily correspond to a strong libido, i.e. the degree of sexual desire. Indeed, in many cases it can be even more frustrating to increase the desire if there is an underlying erectile dysfunction underlying it, because it could further increase the discomfort and frustration. Remember then that sexual desire is linked to very complex mental mechanisms and it is very difficult for a supplement to really affect them.

Available from trusted manufacturers of organic male enhancements, Viril-X and Vimax are natural products that can contribute to the correct maintenance of the body’s wellbeing by optimizing the nutritional status. Thanks to their active ingredients, natural and vegetable, they intervenes on the body’s natural defenses, the regular circulation of blood, the physiological tonic and adaptogenic capacities, the antioxidant action, and has tonic effects for physical and mental fatigue. Such ingredients as Ginseng, Guarana, Pomegranate, Damiana, Maca, Serenoa, Ginger, Schisandra, Withania, Muira Puama, nettle, birch, fennel, thyme, mint and linden can be found on the list of Viril-X and Vimax ingredients. Let’s have a look at some of them.

The benefits of Viril-X and Vimax:

  • Increased intravenous blood flow in the genitals
  • Stronger erections thanks to improved erectile function
  • Boosted vitality
  • Relieved stress and performance anxiety
  • Augmented libido
  • Decreased recovery time between sexual acts.


Guarana is a drug obtained from the seeds of Paullinia Capuana, a spontaneous climbing shrub or grown in the northern basin of the Amazon. Each fruit contains from one to three seeds which, when properly dried, ground, mixed and mixed with cassava flour, give rise to a brown paste with a bitter astringent taste and particularly rich in caffeine (from 2.5 to 8%). Guarana paste can be marketed as such, in the form of 10-30 cm long cylindrical rolls, or used for the production of tonic and refreshing drinks to which it gives an aroma particularly appreciated by South American children.

The presence of caffeine gives the drug strong stimulating and invigorating properties. The most common effects associated with the use of guarana involve: nervous system (slight excitement, greater attention span and mental concentration, reduced perception of fatigue), cardiovascular system (guarana causes an increase in heart rate), digestive system (increases gastric secretion, is an antidiarrheal and exerts a slight diuretic effect), body metabolism (ease of oxidation of energy substrates and its use is recommended for slimming treatments).

Guarana should be administered with caution, especially in hyperthyroid and dystonics patints. In these cases the intake of guarana would amplify the common side effects related to its use (tachycardia, palpitations, hyper excitation, insomnia, anxiety). Guarana preparations should always be taken on a full stomach, due to their irritant action on the gastrointestinal mucosa. For this reason, pathological states such as colitis or gastritis impose a reduction in intake doses.


Schisandra chinensis, also known by the name of Schizandra, is a native oriental shrub, widespread especially in the North-East of China and in Korea, but also present in the Russian territory. Already in ancient traditional Chinese medicine, Schizandra berries were used as efficient adaptogens (thanks to the presumed ability to improve psycho-physical abilities, especially during periods of high stress) and as tonic for excretory organs such as the liver. Schizandra berries are also used to improve mental performance, in particular concentration, coordination and attention level.

Despite the wide uses described in traditional medicine, only in recent years has it been possible to identify the active ingredients present in this plant, characterizing its biological effectiveness. Several pharmacokinetic studies, together with numerous works of chromatographic and spectrometric characterization, have allowed us to identify only some of the biologically active molecules present in Schizandra.

Much of the biological activities of this plant would be due to the presence, in the seeds of its fruits, of over 40 lignans. To the above would be added other active ingredients present in the essential oil – such as Borneol, Alpha and beta-pinene, Sesquicarene and Para-cimole – in addition to various molecules of nutritional interest, such as citric and malic acid, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, stigmasterol, some alkaloids and numerous other antioxidants.

The adaptogenic effects, much in demand in sports, because they are effective in improving and increasing the capacity of effort, the sustainable duration of effort, reaction times, concentration skills and in facilitating recovery times. At the same time, the important immunomodulatory activity would be valuable in supporting the normal functioning of the immune system, especially in periods of strong psychophysical stress, thus reducing the risk of overtraining, very common among athletes.

Antioxidant effects, precious in protecting cells from the harmful action of reactive oxygen species. These activities, in addition to an important cardiovascular protective effect, would appear to be valuable during retinal oxidative pathologies, autoimmune diseases, neurodegenerative diseases and cellular aging.

For this reason, Schizandra is successfully used today in healthy aging and in general in antiaging medicine. The neuroprotective effects, observed above all in experimental models, which would see Schizandra actively involved in the protection from neuronal damage and in the improvement of some disorders, such as depression and anxiety. The aforementioned activities would also include others, but not yet fully characterized and therefore not covered in this article.

The currently proposed dosages of Schizandra strongly depend on the recruitment methods and the titration in Lignani and in particular in Schizandrina. In addition to tea, liquid extracts and juices, many capsules or syrup supplements are commercially available today. The dosages used in the clinical field are different, for example during liver disease. The American Herbal Product Association classifies the Schizandra among the plants belonging to the first category, that is, among the plants that can be safely consumed if used appropriately. However, from a careful examination of the literature, following the use of Schizandra, possible side effects would emerge, especially of a gastroenteric nature, such as gastric pyrosis, dyspepsia, diarrhea, inappetence and nausea.

Rarer, fortunately, is the incidence of notable side effects, such as hypoglycemia, bleeding, headaches and allergic reactions. The use of this plant would also be strongly contraindicated during pregnancy (due to the increased incidence of fetal malformations observed in experimental models) and during pharmacological therapies (given the ability of the active ingredients contained in it to alter the normal activity of enzymes cytochrome CYP3A4 and CYP1A2, directly involved in the metabolism of numerous drugs).

Supplements that increase penis size: VigRX and Extenze

If you are not satisfied with the size of the penis the only scientifically accepted and effective way is surgery. The effect of a temporary increase in the volume that is experienced by taking, for example, Viagra, is due to a greater blood flow in the corpora cavernosa that make the organ swell. But this is precisely an increase in volume, entirely temporary, and without any variation in length itself. No supplement is able to dramatically affect the size of the penis, much less the length. However, drugs like VigRX and Extenze that have a proven efficacy in stimulating enhanced blood circulation in the genitals. Below we will describe a few of the natural ingredients found in these two products for you to better understand how they work in your body to achieve desired health outcomes.

The benefits of VigRX and Extenze:

  • Visible increase in length and girth of the penis thanks to regularly augmented amount of blood circulating in the genital area
  • Improved sexual function
  • Augmented stamina and virility
  • Boosted self-esteem and improved self-image


It is a non-essential amino acid (produced by the body) of Arginine precursor. The latter presides over the synthesis of Nitric Oxide, which increases vasodilation and blood supply to the tissues and extremities, including the penis. Arginine taken orally, however, is largely digested by the stomach, so studies show that instead of taking the precursor, Citrulline, the levels of arginine in the blood increase considerably in a dose-dependent manner.

It is no coincidence that citrulline is defined as ‘Natural Viagra’, as it is cheap (it is extracted from the skin of watermelon – Citrullus, in Latin), easy to find, and legal. Citrulline is commonly used pre-workout by bodybuilders to improve its sporting performance and only recently has it become popular as a supplement for mild / mild-mild erectile dysfunction. As for the dosage and use, it is generally taken three times a day, in rations of 2 gr (total 6 gr / day); no adverse reactions are known in case of overdose. On the market there is also Citrulline Malate, which is nothing but Citrulline combined with Acidic acid, which according to research – for the time being not strictly scientifically tested – should increase the assimilation of Citrulline.

Omega 3

Omega 3 essential fatty acids have no direct influence on the erection, but they indirectly favor it, lower the levels of so-called bad cholesterol (LDL) and raise the levels of good cholesterol (HDL) which, among other things, is a precursor of testosterone. Omega 3 helps the blood supply by carrying out important antithrombic and anti-inflammatory action (i.e. clean the arteries) and reduction of triglycerides in the blood. This is very important for an optimal erection function. Omega 3 supplements provide great benefit and are also recommended to improve heart and cardiovascular health.


In the two forms Propionyl-L-carnitine and Acetyl-L-carnitine, they are part of the body’s metabolic processes of energy production. In particular, the form Propionyl-L-carnitine is a non-essential amino acid commonly used to improve blood flow in tissues in patients with PVD (peripheral vascular disease). It is also used successfully in patients experiencing erection problems related to circulatory problems, alone or in combination with Viagra.

Korean Ginseng (Panax Ginseng C.A. Meyer)

In 2016, several studies have been made conducted according to the strict criteria of the scientific method (double-blind test) that attest to the effectiveness of the pure extract of Korean Ginseng in the treatment of non-severe erectile dysfunction. Traditionally known as a tonic and with recognized adaptogonene properties, Ginseng is also a vasodilator by increasing the production of nitric oxide (nitrogen monoxide). According to authoritative sources, Panax Ginseng is second only to Yohimbine for efficacy in the treatment of impotence in humans and premature ejaculation. Be informed though that Yohimbine has numerous side effects.

The suggested dosage is 3g / day for 45/60 days and for what – subject to personal intolerance – no serious problem of overdose is known, higher doses do not involve any kind of benefit. To be absolutely avoided if you are taking anticoagulant drugs or if you suffer from hypertension. Not recommended after 18 pm.

Vitamins and minerals also act as an important support to help overcome erectile dysfunction in men. Here are the most suitable substances. A healthy and varied diet, which includes seasonal fruits and vegetables, is able to supply the daily requirement of vitamins and minerals essential for the proper functioning of the organism; however, if you are not sure of getting enough with your diet, taking it with Zinc supplements, Vitamin E has been shown to increase the effectiveness of supplements and drugs for erectile dysfunction. In the case of Vitamin E there are no known side effects from overdose, while for Zinc, in case of prolonged intake and for its inhibitory action of LDL and HDL cholesterol it is a good idea to consult a doctor.