The whole truth on male enhancement

Over half of all men would like to have a larger penis, even though most of them have a completely normal, standard-sized member. Why such a desire for an enhancement? Partly porn movies are to blame (creating a totally wrong idea of how large a penis should be), partly the fear that the female partner is not satisfied (though it is not the size that matters to women). Be that as it may, men have long been striving for a way to increase the penis size, leading to the creation of a whole industry of “male enhancement”. This huge market inlcudes many methods – from innovative surgeries to herbal pills to exercizes to complete quackery. In this article, we will explain how different methods work (if at all) and which method you should choose to make your penis appear larger.

Can you enlarge a penis surgically?

For a very long time, surgical penis enlargement was a risky and generally useless procedure. Usually a ligament in the groin would be cut, making the penis hang lower and seem longer. However, the procedure had serious drawbacks: men often experienced problems with erections, there were many side effects (pain, infection, etc.), and the general effect was too small.

Another, much more innovative surgery was introduced just two years ago and involves a silicone implantate called Penuma. The surgery is performed by just one surgeon in the U.S., and so far over 1300 men have done it, most with good results. The idea of implanting silicone into the penis, just like into breasts, is old, but it is difficult to do – a penis is a very complex organ that generally doesn’t like alien materials inserted into it. However, Penuma can move freely inside the member, is well tolerated, and provides a visible enlargement with a relatively low rate of side effects (circa 7%). However, the procedure costs circa 15 thousand dollars and is only available in the U.S.

Verdict: If you can go to the States and pay a hefty sum of money, a surgery can be a solution… otherwise, don’t bother – you’ll end up disappointed.

Exercises – is it possible to stretch the penis?

Peoples in Africa, Asia, and South America have used various penis exercises for centuries, on the general supposition that, if you can stretch many other parts of your body with exercise, it should also work with the male member. Indeed, by doing yoga or stretching routines, you can achieve a much greater flexibility in your spine and legs… so why not the penis? The thing is, the length of a penis does not depend on any tendons inside it, and its tissues are very, very hard to enlarge mechanically. After all, an erect penis grows inside because all of its hollow spaces are filled with blood, not because the muscle stretches.

In any case, proponents of exercises suggest that you spend 10-15 minuts a day pulling your penis away from the body, up, down, right, and left, as well as perform “milking” motions on it (all the while using a lubricant). According to some websites, you can gain an inch or more, and it will be permanent… Unfortunately, this is not true. No exercise you can do with your hand can make your penis larger.

Exercises-–-is-it-possible-to-stretch-the-penisAnother type of exercise are the so-called Kegel exercises, also recommended for women. In the Kegel system, you have to contract the muscles around the penis, in your pelvic area and around the anus for a few seconds at a time, then release, then contract even stronger – up to a 100 times. Kegel exercises stimulate blood flow to the pelvic area and can help produce stronger, larger erections – so they definitely make more sence than trying to stretch and pull your penis. However, the penis will not actually become larger in its flaccid state – it may only seem larger and harder when erect.

Verdict: Try Kegel exercises for better erections, but don’t expect any permanent effect.

Extenders – should you strap your penis into a stretcher?

Yet another method of male enhancement is the use of penile stretchers, or extenders – non-invasive devices that constantly keep your male member stretched away from the body. Usually you have to wear such a device all day. Some small studies confirm that after a few months, many participants have increased the size of their penis by 1 cm or more. However, this method is very cumbersome – extenders are uncomfortable and often lead to unpleasant consequences, such as bruising, skin damage, redness and rash, and even blood clots, to say nothing about the pain and itching. If you feel that your penis is really very small (though remember, what matters more to women is the girth, not the length), then you can try and buy one for $100-200. However, don’t believe the “before and after” photos on websites: so far there is no real proof that such extenders work, and larger studies are needed.

Pills, supplements, and herbal teas – what to choose?

The most popular method of male enhancement are certainly natural supplements – and with a good reason! For centuries and even millennia, peoples in various parts of the world have selected herbs, roots, and berries that can help men perform better in bed, increasing libido and ensuring better, longer erections. Here we should pause for a moment to make a very important comment: this is not the same as the permanent penis enlargement that surgeries offer. Indeed, there is no leaf or berry that could make your member grow in size and stay that way for a long time. If you encounter a website that promises you permanent additional inches, don’t believe the ads. What natural supplements CAN do for you is dramatically improve your sexual performance in all aspects. There are many herbs that can help you get aroused quicker, retain an erection for longer, have multiple intercourses – and yes, they will make your penis larger when it’s erect.


Natural ingredients that are usually included in male enhancement pills can be divided in several groups:

  1. Aphrodisiacs – such compounds aim to strengthen the libido – both for men and women. It is often achieved by the stimulation of the production of testosterone in the body (in fact, some enhancement pills even include the steroid hormone DHEA, which can be transformed into testosterone). While many foods and drinks traditionally considered aphrodisiacs – such as chocolate and oysters – don’t actually work, some potent tropical plants do. Among these are the Brazilian Muira Puama and the Chinese Horny Goat Weed.
  2. Blood circulation stimulators – of course, no matter how much a man is aroused, he cannot have a good erection unless his penis is engorged with blood. Two symmetrical areas, called corpora cavernosa, are filled with thousands of tiny empty spaces and blood vessels that should be properly filled with blood for a strong erection. Ginseng and ginkgo biloba are known to have this effect. Apart from the penis, they can help blood circulation in other areas of the body, including the brain (important for the memory) and face, giving a healther, brighter complexion. However, people who suffer from high blood pressure should exercise caution.
  3. Nitric oxide stimulators. The role of the nitric oxide in erections is not widely known, but it is a key element connecting arousal with erection. Once a man is sexually aroused (be it simply due to visual or physical stimulation or after taking an aphrodisiac), the brain commands the body to produce nitric oxide, which, in turn, promotes the secretion of a compound called cGMP – a key element in relaxing the smooth muscle of the penis. Indeed, usually that muscle is kept contracted (otherwise men would have never-ending erections). Increased levels of the nitric oxide help achieve an erection faster and make it stronger. Ingredients that have this effect include the plants ashwagandha, horny goat weed, Tribulus terrestris, and cayenne pepper, as well as L-arginine and niacin.
  4. General tonics – some plants are not used just for sexual performance, but as general medicine, promoting vitality and energy. Ginkgo and ginseng act this way, and so do yohimbe (though beware of its potential side effects – high pressure, anxiety, and agitation), and maca root.

Choosing the right pill

Any good online pharmacy specializing in sexual health will offer a selection of male enhancement pills – some of them including over 15 ingredients, some sticking to a particular medical tradition, some containing a large dose of one or two potent herbs. Here is a breakdown of some of the most popular ones.

  1. Yagara – known also as herbal Viagra, this pill is a result of lengthy studies of traditional Ayurvedhic medicine. The supplement is produced in India using organically grown herbs, including ashwagandha (Wythania somnifera), kavach beej (Mucuna pruriens), vidhara beej (Argyreia speciosa), and akkal kara (Anacyclus pyrethrum). The carefully designed formula includes aphrodisiacs, blood flow stimulants, and components that increase the level of nitric oxide. It should be taken daily, but at the price of less than $0.8 per pill, it is very affordable.
  2. ExtenZe – this famous supplement includes lots of active ingredients – from muira puama and damiana to folic acid and zinc. This way, ExtenZe covers all the bases: it increases the production of testosterone and arousal, makes erections more long-lasting and hard, increases the visible size of an erect penis, and provides general energy and feeling of vitality. It does include yohimbe, which can be potentially risky for men with a high blood pressure, but another component has the opposite effect, eliminating the risk. Most users report a very good effect after using ExtenZe for one or two months daily.
  3. VigRX – this supplement contains a potent cocktail of traditional herbs, such as Muira Puama, Catuaba, daminala, hawthorne berry, ginkgo, and ginseng. Many of these are the same as in ExtenZe, minus the yohimbe (which may be a good thing, since yohimbe is a bit aggressive for some people). One particular trademarked ingredient found in VigRX in Bioperine – an extract of black pepper. The role of black pepper is to improve the absorbtion of the other ingredients. For this reason, many users report that VigRX acts faster than other pills and that it takes fewer days to achieve a significant accumulated effect. At only $0.5 per pill, it is a real bargain.
  4. Maxman – these pills are very strong on general stimulants – they contain maca root, guarana berry, and ginseng, plus saw palmetto berry and epimedium. Its unusual formula can often help those users who don’t have much luck with other enhancement pills (or experience side effects).
  5. Tiger King – just like Yagara includes the best of Indian sexual health tradition, Tiger King pills are based on the science of Chinese medicine. They include ginseng, wolfberry, cynomorium, and 26 more extracts of Chinese herbs. One advantage of Tiger King is that it doesn’t increase blood pressure, though it is a bit more expensive – one pill costs a little over a dollar.

Taking male enhancement pills correctly

An important thing to keep in mind when using penis enlargement pills is that you have to take them daily, usually just one pill a day. This is not Viagra that works whenever you need it: herb extracts need time to accumulate in the body, and the longer you use the supplement, the stronger the effect becomes. You can eat and drink normally when you take these pills, and they don’t usually interfere with any medications (though you should consult a doctor if you are diabetic and take drugs for blood sugar control). As weeks go by, you will start feeling considerably more energetic, and your performance in bed will improve dramatically. Some customers report effects as strong as those of Viagra after taking ExtenZe or Yagara for a couple of months. The key is to persevere – even if you don’t notice an effect in the first week, keep taking the pills! Remember: herbal medicine is not very fast, but it is very efficient and tested by hundreds of generations.

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