It is a common misconception that impotence or erectile dysfunction is a problem of elderly men. In fact, about 25% of all patients diagnosed with ED are relatively young men aged 20 to 35 years old.

Doctors and researchers have proved that impotence may happen with young men under 30 years old. They state that such diagnosis in young males occurs more frequently than you think. The diagnosis of “erectile dysfunction” sounds like a terrible sentence to any man, regardless of age. Impotence often provokes psychological issues, depression, and nervous disorders, which negatively affects the work of the whole body.

It is worth mentioning that people who have impotence at an early age, morning erections may persist and problems with masturbation also do not happen. But a full sexual contact is impossible.

An interesting fact: Scientists have proven that there is no relationship between impotence and age. Sexual activity can continue in 75 years if there are no other factors that provoke erectile dysfunction.

The major reasons for young age impotence

Causes of impotence in young age, as a rule, are psychogenic, unless it is a trauma. For example, impotence can occur after a failed first sexual experience or after a serious conflict with a regular sexual partner. In this case, the disease can be considered as a temporary phenomenon easily eliminated by a timely contact to a specialist. The main thing is not to become self-contained, thereby causing an inferiority complex and psychological impotence.

Erectile Dysfunction in Young Age

Young people do not always attach great importance to good sleep, which can cause chronic sleep deprivation, fatigue and affect the ability to have erections.

The too active lifestyle associated with dangerous sports quite often leads to injuries of the spine, hip joints, and genitals. This factor should also not be excluded as a potential danger in the development of erectile dysfunction in young men.

At a young age, many males try to surprise their partners with exhausting long sexual “marathons”, while holding back ejaculation, which is very harmful to men’s health and can further weaken erections.

Smoking is another negative factor affecting the libido, because nicotine worsens the condition of the blood vessels, resulting in disturbed blood circulation throughout the body, and, as you know, persistent erection is impossible without normal blood flow to the pelvic organs.

A similar reaction can also be caused by taking certain medications (sedatives, antidepressants, antipsychotics, etc.), which can inhibit the production of testosterone – male sex hormone.

An interesting fact: According to the statistics, 22% of patients diagnosed with impotence are young people aged from 20 to 30 years.

Doctors state the fact that the deterioration of libido is increasingly observed in boys aged 18-25. The reasons for such negative statistics include the environmental factor. In large metropolitan areas, the air is saturated with dangerous substances that affect the blood vessels, slowing down blood circulation. Thus, young guys without bad habits may have a healthy lifestyle suffer from impotence.

Early erectile dysfunction in men may be the result of their professional activities. Some males who work a lot forget about their own health, working on irregular schedules. This factor gradually reduces sexual activity that sometimes causes conflicts in a family.

The level of libido can affect the intake of a certain group of drugs. For example, men, trying to prolong intimate contact, use various stimulants or even narcotic substances that cause overexcitement and these substances negatively affect their bodies.

An interesting fact: in 1988, a group of scientists from the United States investigated 200 of the most common medical drugs, and found that 16 of them can cause erectile dysfunction. These drugs are amphetamines, barbiturates, Methadone, opiates, etc.

Erectile dysfunction in young age can happen due to such reasons:

  • Prolonged abstinence;
  • Frequent changes of partners and too many sexual intercourses;
  • Certain traumas;
  • Excessive stress;

Unhealthy food can be also added to this list. People eat many fatty foods, gain excess weight, as a result, testosterone production is impaired and libido decreases.

As for the treatment of young age impotence, only a healthcare specialist can prescribe a course of medications and other treatment options. For example, people with young age impotence may take Viagra, Cialis or Levitra pills along with going to a therapist, but also a physician can appoint such therapy.

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